Your Introduction to Sexual Pleasure

Vatsyayana, an Indian writer, penned down his expertise on sexual pleasure, sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment. This came to be known as the Kamasutra. Did he know the impact this treatise, written a millennium ago, might have on the modern world today?

I’d like to believe we’re an informed audience. Yet, whenever we think of Kamasutra, we have learned to instantly relate it to sex. What if I told you there is so much more to the Kamasutra than some sex positions? It was written to help readers understand the nature of love, bring emotional fulfillment to their love life, and experience the joy of life through understanding their sexuality, eroticism, sexual desire, and pleasure.

Kamasutra — The Guide to Sexual Desire and Arousal

Kamasutra is not just about the act of sex. It focuses on the sexual desires of the human body, the emotional fulfillment that sex can bring to our lives, and the sexuality and eroticism that can enable these experiences. Kamasutra is beyond just an instruction manual on the sex positions that you can try.

You’d be surprised to find this out—we were surprised too! The original Kamasutra is a philosophical text that has musings on how we can lead a rewarding life and have fruitful relationships. There are sections on the art of living well, the nature of love, finding the right life partner, maintaining one’s love life, and other aspects that support pleasure, sexual or non-sexual, in our life. It’s truly futuristic. Today’s therapists and mental health experts will encourage you to identify non-sexual intimacy opportunities in your relationship and life to make it healthier and more rounded. Vatsyayana did it centuries ago.

What’s special about Kamasutra is that unlike other texts on human living from across the world, it does not shy away from sex or see it as taboo. That makes the text so appealing to people across the world. According to it, sex is a normal, healthy activity that has been performed since life came to earth. Outside of this, the text is a great read if you want to learn about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers the inner human desire, what sustains it, and what’s good or bad desire. We recommend Seema Anand’s retelling of the Kamasutra for the modern age as your starting point.

Now even though we said it’s not just about sex, you came here to learn more about some positions from the Kamasutra that you’ve not heard of before. We won’t disappoint you. Here are 5 of the most unique sex positions from the Kamasutra that you must try at least once to explore your sexuality, sexual desire, and pleasure.

Enhance Your Sexual Desire and Arousal with these Sex Positions

A Guide To The Bandoleer

Sex Position Basics

The man kneels in front of the woman as she reclines on her back with both knees raised to her chest. When he rests his forearms on her knees, she can rest her feet on his chest. The woman might then pull the man in for deeper penetration by grabbing his thighs. She feels additional pleasure as he applies pressure to her knees.

How does it help enhance your sexual pleasure?

The bandoleer helps the man to penetrate deeper to enhance sexual satisfaction for his partner. The woman on the other hand can control the thrusting in this posture. She can alter the depth to which the penetration happens by applying pressure to her partner's chest.

Now that is some deep logical missionary which I probably have been doing wrong all my life, but this is definitely worth a shot!

A Guide To The Peg

Sex Position Basics

Both of you are lying sideways and twisted up in this posture. While facing each other’s bodies sideways, the man's and woman's faces are turned in the opposite direction.

The man will be facing the woman's feet, while the woman will be facing the man. She sandwiches the man's legs while bending them. With the help of his elbows, the man penetrates the woman.

How does it help enhance your sexual pleasure?

This is a fantastic technique to arouse your partner. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity for constant kissing and touching. This is a terrific posture for toying with each other's genitalia and teasing one another.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of aerobics in bed, but this seems something really interesting and challenging, too much effort for sure but interesting.

A Guide To The Rock’n Roller

Sex Position Basics

The woman would have to lie face up, bringing her knees as close to her partner’s chin as she can. He lies on top of you, and while you rest your calves on his shoulders, your man should enter you just as he would in the missionary position.

For some extra leverage, grab hold of his upper arms. He'll likely need to have his palms flat down for support as he begins thrusting inside you.

How does it help enhance your sexual pleasure?

The Rock’n roller usually is one of the best experiences for both partners, the woman in this situation is satisfactorily aroused, as she gets maximum g-spot and clitoris stimulation in this position. While the man also experiences amazing sex due to the angles he gets during sex.

A Guide To The Rowing Boat

Sex Position Basics

Your partner slouches down in a comfy but sturdy chair, his legs slightly spread. You straddle his lap as you face him, your knees bent and open against his chest, your feet braced against the seat of the chair. While your guy grips your hips, thighs, or butt, you clutch the back of the chair and begin moving up and down along his shaft.

How does it help enhance your sexual pleasure?

This position brings more satisfaction to the woman because she is in command and does most of the thrusting as she is in a more comfortable position. But both partners can caress and fondle each other as they are in a position facing each other. It brings a higher degree of intimacy between them.

A Guide To The Indrani

Sex Position Basics

In the Indrani Kama Sutra position, you need to lie back naked on the bed with your legs folded up to your chest. Try clasping your knees tightly so that your vagina is exposed. Your partner would now have to penetrate into you from behind. You can bring your partner close to you by clasping his buttocks tightly from the back and drawing him closer to you with the feel of more longing for sex. Rest your leg in your partner’s armpit and try pushing your feet against his chest. This is a position, which will make both of you comfortable and aroused.

How does it help enhance your sexual pleasure?

To add to the extra satisfaction, pull your legs closer to your chest so that your partner can penetrate deeper into you. Also, try and move around so that he can feel his penis inside you. This is a great position as both of you can feel each other as well as see each other completely. Your man can have a go at pressing your breasts or sucking them as well. You can fondle his hair and also arouse him by pressing the nipples in his chest. Try applying some KY jelly so that penetration is smooth and deep.

Which one do you feel most excited to try? I think we’ve given you enough plans for tonight, now go nuts!

P.S. We’re aware that the language used to explain the sex positions is gendered. We’re looking for a writer on our team who can help us with gender-neutral and body-positive language. If this is you, or you know someone who’d be a good fit, please write to us.